Get to know us

We are one of the largest firms of patent attorneys in Switzerland, and currently have ten patent attorneys authorized as representatives at the Swiss and European Patent Office (of whom one has also qualified as patent attorney in Germany) and a further three patent attorneys in the course of training. In addition, our team also includes a further two lawyers (as at January 2018).

Size has no inherent value, but it does help us: we are able to advise you competently in all technical fields and, if required, can also deal with a large number of complex instructions at the same time. Thus, for us, working with IP rights is not a burden but a pleasure. And we are convinced that it should be for you too!

What do we do to achieve this?

We think outside the box.

We don’t (just) answer questions that you ask us, but (also) those which you should have asked us.

We don't give you academic lectures.

You don’t want a description of the problem, but specific proposals for solutions.

We will show you possible courses of action with their respective advantages and disadvantages, and will thus give you a solid basis on which to make a decision. For we think that you should always be aware of the implications of what you are doing.

We have an opinion.
And we'll give it to you.

Of course, in practice, hardly any questions of patent law or law more generally can be assessed absolutely unambiguously. 

But on the basis of our experience we have an opinion, and we will give it to you. 

We want to be understood.

Legal language often takes a lot of getting used to. But we want you to be able to understand us. So you can expect plain language. But should anything ever not be clear, we are always happy to explain things to you further by telephone.

And does it all work?

We are happy to leave it to others to assess that:

"With 10 patent attorneys registered at the IPI and authorised to appear before the European Patent Office (EPO), Hepp Wenger Ryffel has the muscle to advise companies across the technological spectrum and makes light work of its prodigious workload. Within this, pharmaceutical and medical device mandates feature prominently; the railway industry is also fast becoming a rich source of instructions. A laser commercial focus and close client care characterise its service; a high priority is placed on face-to-face contact. Martin Wilming is an influential figure on the marketplace; he runs a popular patent litigation blog which reports on Federal Patent Court case law. EPO opposition and appeal proceedings are his bread and butter. Like Wilming, Andreas Welch knows all there is to know about organic chemistry; having worked for a large pharmaceutical entity, he has invaluable in-house experience. Christoph Müller, meanwhile, excels at devising uniquely tailored strategies for medical devices start-ups. When clients in the mechanical engineering field need someone to file their applications, and to do so with painstaking attention to detail, they reach out to the meticulous René Wenger. Wider marketing knowledge and exceptional foresight make him the full package."
(Source: The World's Leading Patent Practitioners, iam 1000, 2017 edition)

"The joint-highest number of attorneys recommended for prosecution in the IAM Patent 1000 bears testament to the depth of the bench at Hepp Wenger Ryffel. Creative yet logical patenting advice is a hallmark of the crew, which is never afraid to put itself out there and provide a gut feel to clients; many other patent attorney outfits are considered less commercial and more conservative. Christoph Müller is the resident medical technology guru, although his technical proficiency spans all facets of mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as information technology. The seasoned coordinator of international patent litigation wins plaudits for his ability to 'get to the point and present arguments in a well-ordered and easily understood way'. Having spent his career in the world of precision engineering, René Wenger applies exceptional rigour to his prosecution, litigation and licensing work. Chemistry affairs are deftly handled by Martin Wilming and Andreas Welch. Wilming blogs extensively on Federal Patent Court case law, so it is easy to see just how extensive and up to date his knowledge is. Having spent many years in-house, he knows what his clients are looking for and is skilled enough to deliver it for the most demanding of them."
(Source: The World's Leading Patent Practitioners, iam 1000, 2016 edition)

"This innovative prosecution boutique «interacts very well with lawyers. Its attorneys have a great understanding of procedural aspects and communicate well in court. Working with them is a breeze; they are straightforward and effective.» Try as they might, rivals find it «impossible to win clients off Hepp, particularly for pharmaceutical work.» His flair for the smooth coordination of complex cross-border litigation makes Christoph Müller a perennial favourite, in particular among a variety of medical technology enterprises. Formerly employed at a large drug company, Andreas Welch knows exactly what businesses in this sector need and how to get it; while Martin Wilming is a dab hand at EPO appeals and oppositions. Mechanical engineer and marketing authority René Wenger rounds out the set with an unerring instinct for how best to craft winning patent applications."
(Source: The World's Leading Patent Practitioners, iam 1000, 2015 edition)

"The largest boutique by headcount in the east of Switzerland, Hepp Wenger Ryffel AG is by some distance the frontrunner in the region. A forward-thinking attitude allows it to answer the questions which should be asked even before they are posed. «It has a worldwide platform and companies come away with positive impressions.» Christoph Müller «should be highlighted for his work in the mechanical field», while Andreas Welch is «singled out for his insider knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry». Intimately familiar with the workings of the EPO, Martin Wilming is gaining prominence in this area. The esteemed René Wenger is a doyen of patent prosecution."
(Source: The World's Leading Patent Practitioners, iam 1000, 2014 edition)

"Prosecution boutique Hepp Wenger Ryffel AG provides a fantastic offering from its site in Wil. It is a magnet for attorneys at law seeking the assistance of patent attorneys, and many of its key relationships have spanned decades. Singled out for praise among the top-class team are Christoph Müller and René Wenger – «knowledgeable, quick thinkers with an instinctive feeling for the cases they are handling». Together, their professionalism and diligence command a «first-rate impression»."
(Source: The World's Leading Patent Practitioners, iam 1000, 2013 edition)

"Frequently named among the country’s leading prosecution groups, Hepp Wenger Ryffel fields an extremely strong set of specialists. It is applauded for «understanding exactly what the client wants and needs, and delving into the finer details of intricate issues to establish the best course of action.» Its pharmaceuticals and biotechnology output is prodigious, but it has the capacity to handle instructions from numerous other sectors."
(Source: The World's Leading Patent Practitioners, iam 1000, 2012 edition)