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iam Patent 1000

Wir freuen uns über eine erneute Anerkennung in der Ausgabe 2018 des iam Patent 1000:

«One of the foremost Swiss IP departments», Hepp Wenger Ryffel comes highly recommended for prosecution – and is «among the best in litigation» as well, contributing its «sharp and innovative» technical counsel in «a striking number of the patent cases before the Swiss courts». From the «well-established, impressive» Wil-located office, a host of «young, fresh and up-and-coming» talent takes on a wide catalogue of drafting and portfolio management instructions from the medical device and food-processing industries and expertly executes them on the international stage. The firm undertakes contentious work primarily for the pharmaceutical industry, which values the supplementary protection expertise on offer. A panacea for all that troubles the healthcare sector, Martin Wilming is a rights guardian who bulldozes through oppositions and appeals at the European Patent Office. Peers cite the attorney (and the blog he authors) as a reference point for Swiss patent litigation. «A clever, smart and friendly professional, he gets quickly acquainted with all relevant details of a case, communicates them intelligibly and showcases his excellent legal knowledge in infringement suits.» Wilming often teams up with fellow chemistry maestro Andreas Welch to form a «highly skilled, experienced» duo that is «very easy to collaborate with», and which recently has successfully shielded both Teva and Actavis from infringement claims brought by innovative rivals. Sought after for his far-reaching scientific knowledge, Welch demonstrates a finely honed commercial capacity in his carefully crafted solutions. «Responsive and inventive»Christoph Müller is an IP polymath who elegantly crosses from contentious to non-contentious instructions at the drop of a hat. René Wenger has spent decades answering the call of construction, textile and precision engineering players, providing them with «smart, to-the-point» advice.